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As an essential business we are open. At Red Star Roll-Off and Disposal the safety of our employees, customers and community is our number one priority. We are practicing social distancing with contactless deliveries.

A grapple truck efficiently picking up bulky waste offers customers a seamless solution to their disposal needs. With its powerful mechanical arm, this specialized vehicle can effortlessly lift and remove large items like furniture, appliances, or construction debris, saving customers the hassle of heavy lifting and transportation logistics. By outsourcing their bulky waste removal to Red Star’s grapple truck service, customers not only free up their time and energy but also ensure safe and eco-friendly disposal practices. This convenience fosters a cleaner environment and promotes responsible waste management within communities. Additionally, the timely and reliable service of Red Star’s grapple truck enhances customer satisfaction, providing a dependable solution for disposing of unwieldy items, making the process of waste removal hassle-free and  efficient.

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